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Monday, March 27, 2017

Lake Level Projections
A link to the Corps of Engineers web site showing the 10-day projection of lake levels is listed below. This site shows actual lake levels for 7 days, and a 10-day projection following the 7-days of actual data. These data are shown in the 2nd column (headed SOP POOL) of the data table.

The current lake level, along with other data and information for streams and lakes in the Savannah River Basin, can be obtained from

A table showing observed lake levels, Hartwell Lake rule curve, a 1-week estimated projection of lake levels, and numerous other data can be seen by going to the following Corps of Engineers web page. A 10-week projection can be obtained at the top of this same COE page by selecting "10-week pool projections" and then selecting the reservoir and projection date from the list that opens.

Lake Level Alerts
Lake Level Alert is a monitoring service that alerts you via email when water levels for Hartwell Lake become too high or too low. is a free service for anyone to use. Just go to  to find out about the details and how you can sign up for it. This service is especially useful for people who don’t live on the lake full-time and may need notification about lake levels so they can move their dock in or out.

NOTICE: Recent attempts to use the "Lake Level Alert" indicate it is not functioning as intended. We will attempt to correct this as soon as possible.


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