Lake Levels

Current Lake Level & Temperature

Here are live graphs provided by the US Geological Survey for the current water level for Lake Hartwell and the current water temperature for Lake Russell (the closest USGS measured water body in the Savannah River Basin).

Lake Level Projections

You can now see a recurring 10-day projection of lake levels in the Savannah River Basin for Lake Hartwell, Lake Russell and Lake Thurmond. This chart is updated weekly and shows both the actual current lake levels and the projected pumping schedules for inflow and outflow. Also included are any specific USACE comments regarding any drought or surging water concerns.

The current lake level, along with other data and information for streams and lakes in the Savannah River Basin, can also be obtained from the USACE’s Savannah Water Control page.

Also, a table showing observed lake levels, the Lake Hartwell rule curve, a 1-week estimated projection of lake levels that include Lake Russell and Lake Thurmond, and other related data can be seen on the USACE’s National Weather Service Rainfall Forecast page. Archives of previous reports can be obtained at the top of this same page by selecting the date in question from the appropriate column and then choosing the body of water you wish to review from the drop-down list.

Lake Level Alerts

The US Geological Survey (USGS) offers the ability for lake users and residents to sign up for email and text alerts regarding lake safety levels on Lake Hartwell, whether conditions appear to be rising water levels or potential drought conditions. This service is especially useful for people who don’t live on the lake full-time and may need advanced notification about lake levels so they can move their dock in or out. You can sign up for this free alert service and choose how you would like the receive the alerts (by mobile text or by email), what conditions are important to you, and how often you would like to be notified.