President’s Message

A Letter from the LHA President

This is our Winter Edition of the newsletter; however it has hardly felt like Winter. The Lake level is low due to a prolonged drought in the Savannah River Basin and the future predictions are not very encouraging. Please read the article by Doug Young indicating the latest Corps of Engineers as well as the NOAA forecast predictions. At this point the best thing for our members to do is to solicit a neighbor, friend or business to join LHA. The larger our voice, the better chance we have in influencing decisions regarding the management of the water in the Basin.

Also, read an article by one of our Lake residents providing a perspective about low water levels for her and her family.

Since the water is low it is an ideal time for you or your community group to adopt an area around the lake to clean up. Herb, our executive director outlines how you can sign up for a specific area.
And finally, this will be my last message as President. The last 3 years have been fun and full of challenges but now it is time to turn over the helm to someone else. If you are interested in becoming involved with the board call 864-224-5253 or email Jill O’Connor,

See you on the Lake…

Ray Fedele

Lake Hartwell Association

message from the president